Superior Aluminium Oxide Purity
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Superior Aluminium Oxide


SupALOX™ High Purity Alumina is manufactured initially as a uniform fine powder with a typical D50 90 µm and a D90 180 µm. Subsequent mechanical post-processing (e.g., milling and
compaction) is then used, as necessary to customise the product to each customer’s requirements


Aluminium Oxide News

Japanese quality combined with european realiability – this is the main feature of the new drones with arms that grab.

Superior Aluminium Oxide

It is so much fun to work with a drone, but what are the easiest drones to fly if you are and amateur? Let’s find out!

High Purity Minerals

The most amazing collections of drone phototgraphy: nature, landscapes, and of course the mountains of Portland.

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